July 21, 2016

Zap Comparison & Experience Happiness

From our cells to the our fingerprints, each one of us is profoundly unique.

Every human being is remarkably different, unrepeatable, original, and…beyond any scale of comparison.

Having a role model is always beneficial. A role model is like a lighthouse, a pillar of strength and magic. But emulation can be quite complex and rocky. There are people I know, who want to be exactly like someone. I have always stressed on asking them- Why cant you be just like yourself?

We must have the courage to be nothing but ourselves.

Comparison is insane. We never know what our future holds good for us if we stick to being our ownself. We must never shadow- box with people who we think have it better.Why would anyone compare a flower to another flower to decide which was more beautiful and unique? No two flowers are the same.

Comparison is being envious. And being envious always wastes energy that could be used towards achieving one’s goals.

Rather than wasting energy on comparison we must invest it on imagination. We must imagine ourselves feeling the way we want to feel- healthy, free, successful, brilliant.This way we wont make ourself feel less than or more than anyone else- we are simply giving ourselves a permission to be what we want to be.

Lets also begin to bless the people we feel envious of- the pretty ones, the rich ones, the effluent ones, the confident and powerful ones. Before we even begin to think ‘ I wish I were like him/her…, tell it to them, ‘I admire you’. And see how things take a different turn in your life.

Comparison and envy kills happiness. Admiration brings joy. You will surely Experience Happiness after killing Comparison.

Aditi Verma

(Brand Planner, Medivisual Healthworld)

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July 21, 2016


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