August 24, 2017

Women Equality Day 2017

Nearly a century ago, on August 26,1920 women were finally granted the right to vote which marks as the day when Women’s Equality Day is recognized all over the world.
Due to the rise and dominance of social media in the 21st century, women and girls worldwide have been given a new voice that has never been heard before. All we need to do is unlock the potential of women around the globe and empower them.
Talking about the current situation the world has witnessed significant change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women’s equality and emancipation.
With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights, and an increased critical mass of women’s visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, one could think that women have gained true equality.
The unfortunate fact is that women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts, women still are not present in equal numbers in business or politics, and globally women’s education, health and the violence against them is worse than that of men.
However, great improvements have been made. We do have female astronauts and prime ministers, school girls are welcomed into universities, women can work and have a family, women have real choices. And so each year the world inspires women and celebrates their achievements.
Today, women’s equality has grown to mean much more than just sharing the right to the vote. Organizations such as Centre for Social Research(CSR) and International Centre for Research on Women and others continue to work to provide women across the globe with equal opportunities to education and employment, pushing against suppression and violence towards women and against the discrimination and stereotyping which still occur in every society.
So today, we look back on all the women who have gone through to make today possible and thank them. While women have jumped through hurdles to make equality a national issue, there is a long way to go with regard to gender parody.
“Women Equality is not just making women stronger, they are already strong. It is all about changing the way world perceives that strength”.

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August 24, 2017


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