June 5, 2017


The great scientist Albert Einstein said that “the environment is everything that isn’t me”.

Life started on our earth 4.5 billion years ago. Since 4.5 billion years our environment is fulfilling our needs day and night without even taking a single second break. And we human beings what we are doing? Just ask yourself a single question are we doing anything for the sake of our environment? You will surely get the answer – NO! What we are doing we are just ruthlessly exploiting the resources of our environment for our own benefits without even thinking about environment and future generations.

It is the law of nature what goes around comes around. It means that a person’s actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person. Similarly if we keep on exploiting the resources of our environment like this only then surely we will face its consequences in future. The united nation understood the importance of environment and celebrated the world’s first environment day in 1972 to create awareness among people. Since then it is celebrated every year on 5 June.

Now this is the high time we should also look into the matter otherwise it will be too late. For carrying forward the efforts of United Nations we should now pay back what we have taken from environment since so many years and the best way to do this is by taking a pledge to save our environment on this world environment day.

We can conserve our environment and can pay tribute to it by adopting these following good habits in our daily routine:

      1. Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use.

      2. Conserve water: close your taps tightly, check for any leakage, use low flow toilets, use buckets instead of shower.

      3. Use public transport as much as you can.

      4. While going shopping, make a habit to bring your own eco bags and say no to poly bags.

      5. Take a pledge to plant a tree every year.

      6. Avoid wastage of food, take only that much amount of food in your plate that you can eat completely.

      7. Follow the principle of 3R’s:

      • Reduce the amount of solid waste generated.

      • Reuse the things that can be reused again like plastic bottles, glass containers etc.

      • Recycle the waste generated like plastic, papers and glass.

By: Nikhil Aggarwal

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