August 12, 2016

3 Ways To Experience Happiness

1.Practice The Happiness Mantra: We all must pay attention to our instinctive emotional responses and begin consciously challenging the negative thoughts and limiting belief systems that underlie them. We must develop a self-calming or hopeful mental mantra for instance “This, too, shall pass.” to get through anxiety-ridden moments.

2.Think Happiness Outside The Money: Money can buy any luxury or daily things but not Happiness. Materialism is a silent killer that toxify one’s relationships with family & friends and a sense of duty & true purpose of life. If one is compromising close relationships, authentic priorities or sense of inner purpose in the pursuit of material wealth, it’s time to refocus energy. Make a list of core values and the experiences that matter most to you, then start building more of them into your schedule and budget, even if it means making some financial sacrifices in other areas. Seeking meaning, and finding ways to be generous with your time, care and money, will bring you far more happiness than an expensive phone and a luxury car.

3.Go With The Flow- The Secret to Happiness: Flow is to feel so good. It is a state in which people become utterly absorbed in what they are doing, paying undivided attention to their task, their awareness merged with their actions and these actions give them Immense Happiness. People in flow are so absorbed in the task at hand that they lose all self consciousness, dropping the small preoccupations.

One must stretch their skills and abilities and be willing to give full attention and intelligence to whatever they are working on (or playing ) at the moment to experience “flow” on a regular basis.

Minakshi Bajaj

Medivisual Healthworld

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August 12, 2016


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