November 25, 2016

International Day for elimination of Violence against Women

International day for elimination of violence against women is celebrated on 25th November every year with an aim to raise awareness for violence against women. On November 25, 1960, three sisters, Patria Mercedes Mirabal, Maria Argentina Minerva Mirabal and Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabal, were assassinated in the Dominican Republic on the orders of the Dominican […]

November 15, 2016

World Diabetes Day

“Eat Healthy and make your Lifestyle Healthy.” On November 14th each year, world diabetes day is celebrated with an aim to increase awareness of the effects of diabetes and the complications caused by the disease. November 14th is a significant date to celebrate world diabetes day, as it marks the birthday of the man who […]

November 5, 2016

Laughing Buddha: A Symbol of Divine Happiness

The laughing Buddha is cherished all over the world. We can easily found him in restaurants, homes, at business places and so on. A statue wearing a robe and prayer beads often hang around his neck with his bald head and a big fat tummy. He is always happy; thereby the name is “Laughing Buddha”. […]